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Silvana's School of English has two main enrolments in any school year, namely: September & February, lasting for the period of two weeks during which clients can test their knowledge of English and start their desired courses in regular semesters.

However, in order to adapt to the special requirements of our clients, we organise courses throughout the whole year, both for individual clients and for companies. Placement tests can be taken at any date and are free of charge.



  • Mia Baranac B1
  • Milena Mandić B1
  • Živana Dragović B1
  • Ivana Drljača B1
  • Ana Čanji FCE
  • Jovana Lisica FCE
  • Zoran Marinović FCE
  • Srđan Timotijević FCE
  • Petar Stojanović FCE
  • Ljubica Šobot FCE
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Our Staff


All teachers and associates of Silvana's School of English are highly qualified for their job and possess a wide experience in teaching English. Beside a relevant Bachelor Degree, all our teachers have at least one international teaching qualification which, together with their motivated approach to classes, create a relaxing, motivated classroom where teaching & learning becomes easier. 



Silvana's School of English has been acknowledged by the British Council & University of Cambridge as the school which prepares a significant number of candidates for Cambridge ESOL exams and the opportunity to use the Cambridge ESOL Preparation Centre Logo.
We are honoured to have been given this recognition and this gives us further motivation for our work and future preparation of students for ESOL exams. We are also pleased with the success of our candidates in each exam session throughout the year as well as their average pass rate and marks.


Silvana's School of English has been awarded Addvantage Silver in the Britisgh Council’s “Partnership Programme for Institutions” in the past year and with this recognition we enjoy the status which brings special benefits:
  • Invitations to British Council ELT seminars
  • Entry on School Finder online database
  • Access to British Council national competitions for our students and teachers
  • A British Council Addvantage membership certificate
  • Set of Addvantage stickers and web baners for your promotional needs
  • Exclusive offers for Addvantage members that the British Council announces regularly throughout the year
  • Priority dispatch of certificates and other exams documents
  • 50 % discount to Late Entry and Change of Date fees
  • 6% discount to candidate fees