ESOL Exams
Silvana's School of English oraganises preparation courses for the following CAMBRIDGE ESOL EXAMS:


YLE 1, 2, 3

Young Learner English
Starters, Movers & Fliers - These exams present an opportunity for children to test their knowledge and experience exams and obtain a certificate.

Key English Test European Framework level A2

KET is the first level Cambridge ESOL exam (Council of Europe's Common European Framework level A2) and it is a proof of a student’s skill in communicating on a basic level and is helpful when travelling.


Preliminary English Test European Framework level B1

PET is the second level Cambridge ESOL exam. It is an intermediate level (the Council of Europe's Common European Framework level B1) and is a proof that the candidate has developed skills to get by in everyday language situations.


First Certificate in English European Framework level B2

FCE is an intermediate level Cambridge ESOL exam (Council of Europe European Framework level B2). Students possessing the FCE certificate are capable of studying and working and easily communicating in English. FCE is accepted as proof of language worldwide.


Certificate in Advanced English European Framework level C1

CAE is one of the two highest levels of Cambridge ESOL exams (Council of Europe's Common European Framework level C1). Students at this level are able to be confident in a number of situations, as well as in work or studies, especially at universities and colleges. CAE is the certificate which is accepted by almost all educational institutions in the UK and other countries and is valued for employment too.


Certificate of Proficiency in English European Framework level C2

CPE is the highest level Cambridge ESOL exam (Council of Europe's Common European Framework level C2). Students possessing the CPE certificate are recognised as the nearest possible to the educated native speaker. CPE is accepted by a great number of higher education institutions worldwide and as a proof of eligibility for postgraduate studies as well as employment.

BEC 1, 2, 3

Business English Courses

Preliminary, Vantage, Higher

In both international and domestic business environment the English language has become one of the main requirements for appropriate communication and making successful business deals. These three-level internationally recognised certificates in business English are proof of knowledge which is necessary for successful business and business context as such. These certificates are highly valued by employers too.


International Certificate in Legal English

The ILEC certificate is the internationally recognised qualification and proof of the knowledge of English for lawyers & students of law and for purposes of employment in this field. It testifies to a student’s ability and language competence for purposes of practicing law and dealing with clients & professionals in this field.


International Certificate in Financial English

ICFE is the internationally recognised certificate for finance & accounting and is meant for people with special work requirements, enabling them excellent knowledge of English necessary in this filed and developing their professional career. ICFE certificate is accepted by employers & companies worldwide.


Teaching Knowledge Test

TKT is the internationally recognised certificate for teachers of English which covers methodology necessary for the use in the classroom, giving valuable practical guidance for all future teachers of English as well as for those with experience. TKT has also been recognised by the Serbian Ministry of Education as 25 hours of professional development. It can also be a valuable refresher course for more experienced teachers.

English for Tourism 1 i 2

The English for Tourism certificate (LCCI) is a qualification intended for all those who want to work in the tourism industry.

English for Tourism (level 1) is for candidates who wish to communicate effectively with clients in travel and tourism industry. It is necessary to have a general English level A2 according to the classification of the Council of Europe as well as ability to use specialised vocabulary, expressions and abbreviations which are in frequent use in tourism industry.

English for Tourism (level 2) is intended for people who already work in the tourism industry or who wish to start working in this area. The necessary level of general English is B 1 according to the classification of the Council of Europe with ability to communicate effectively in spoken English at a professional level as well as have mastery of the specialised language and terminology used in the travel and tourism industry.


General & Academic Module

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System which tests the ability of student to communicate in English and is meant for purposes of work or study in English speaking countries.

IELTS is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP:, IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge Examinations (Cambridge ESOL)

It is one of the most widely accepted tests which exists in two modules:

The General Training Module is for students who wish to complete their secondary education in an English-speaking country and for those who are part of work, experience & exchange programmes.

The Academic Module is for people who wish to study and it tests the ability of students to attend an undergraduate or postgraduate course and is widely accepted by all universities in the UK , the USA and other countries.

  Silvana's School of English has been acknowledged by the British Council & University of Cambridge as the school which prepares a significant number of candidates for Cambridge ESOL exams and the opportunity to use the Cambridge ESOL Preparation Centre Logo.
  We are honoured to have been given this recognition and this gives us further motivation for our work and future preparation of students for ESOL exams. We are also pleased with the success of our candidates in each exam session throughout the year as well as their average pass rate and marks.

  Silvana's School of English has been awarded Addvantage Silver in the Britisgh Council’s “Partnership Programme for Institutions” in the past year and with this recognition we enjoy the status which brings special benefits:

  -Invitations to British Council ELT seminars
  -Entry on School Finder online database
  -Access to British Council national competitions for our students and teachers
  -A British Council Addvantage membership certificate
  -Set of Addvantage stickers and web baners for your promotional needs
  -Exclusive offers for Addvantage members that the British Council announces regularly throughout the year
  -Priority dispatch of certificates and other exams documents
  -50 % discount to Late Entry and Change of Date fees
  -6% discount to candidate fees