The main principle of our work is providing educational opportunities for our clients which will serve as the basis of their further professional development.


Bearing in mind the economic environment,  we are making sure that the quality of our education is not undervalued but also not an excessive burden on our students.


All our courses lead to a certification upon their successful completion, beside the  Cambridge certificates, our school’s certificates with our memorandum serve as a valid proof and document of a course completion and are accepted by all institutions for a variety of purposes.

Success Graph

CPE - Certificate of Proficiency in English 0
CAE - Cambridge Advanced English 0
FCE - First certificate in English 0

Our Way

It is common knowledge that having mastered a foreign language to such an extent that it becomes as good as your mother tongue is a wonderful achievement. This has proved to be the case in the modern internet era more than ever before and is particularly true of the English language.
Becoming proficient in English opens up a myriad of possibilities and enables a person to truly feel as the citizen of the world and perform competently in a number of ways when it comes to contents that is stored and presented in the English language.
Whether it is studying abroad, pursuing a sports career, engaging in work projects with companies abroad, liaising between local companies and similar institutions abroad, English language competence makes one become an equal part of the global community.
In today’s world of work as well as a wide variety of educational opportunities, we have been presented with certain special requirements on the part of of our clients in terms of specialised courses and tailor made courses.
Basically, this means preparation and organisation of courses for a particular purpose or subject area such as: public presentations, project works, and similar.
It is our main task to guide our students through learning processes in such a way that we help them demystify the English language as the first step towards its full acquisition.
This practically means that we base our teaching methods on the fact that following lessons shouldn’t be seen as a hard work per se but to a significant degree as the process of understanding the core of English, its roots in other languages of the past and its universal quality as far as language use is concerned.
With this approach we have been able to help our course attendees not only learn it effectively but also develop a deeper feel for the logic that underlines its vocabulary, structures as well as rhythm and intonation.